Now What? // Next Steps of a College Dropout (Sorta)

It’s been a rough week and change settling into the new groove of things. Here’s a little updated on what’s happening:

  • I’m dropping all but one of my classes. Trig, accounting, and macroeconomics are all going bye-bye!
  • It turns out I can’t up my hours at my current job so….
  • I’m back in the job market! I’m trying to figure out what exactly I want to do so I’m looking at little bit of everything: hospitality management (aka hotels), legal secretary, general administrative work.
  • This is partly because I need something to fill up my time – and maybe improve my QoL (that’s Quality of Life for ya) – and partly because I have some new bills to pay.
  • I’m buying my car off of my parents finally. She’ll be all mine at last! Expensive oil changes and all. And the insurance payments. Oh boy. Also I may be taking on my own phone bills.

The Parent Talk

Ever make a plan that seems solid but then suddenly you’re halfway through and maybe even only a quarter way, and you realize that maybe you’re missing some things?  There’s steps missing that you didn’t even know you needed. Or your ladder just ends 10 feet in front of you and actually you kind of needed another 5 or 6 feet to get to where you wanted. (Wherever that may be.)

That’s basically how things went down the weekend before last.  While I can’t say my parents took it well, they did bring up some good points and were a big help. They recommended people I could talk to and gave me job search tips. They also pointed out where I needed to do my research. Namely:

  • Car insurance, and
  • Health insurance!

Oh yeah. Those.

I made some calls and did some online research and found that my car insurance wouldn’t change much if I was no longer a full-time student. It’s affordable, at the very least. In even bigger and better news, I get to keep my health insurance. Even though I’m not in school full-time and no longer live at home I can still be on my parent’s health insurance. Heck I could even stay on it if I got married tomorrow! (Yikes, that’s moving fast, dontcha think?) The only prerequisite is that I am legally a child of my parents (done and done!) and under 26. So I’ve still got 6 more years of free (sorta) health insurance. This is all thanks to a nice little 2010 law that no one in my family was familiar with.

So Now What?

Well I’ve got some people to call. Research to do. Jobs to apply for. Happiness to search for. And travel plans to make. I’ve got a lot of people loving and supporting me – I’m pretty lucky. Here’s to things looking up!

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