The Disappearance // Why I Took a Quick Break

I’ve been following several personal finance and FIRE blogs for nearly two years now. Constantly, consistently. I read every blog post and skimmed through all the comments. I probably had about a dozen blogs I regularly checked in on – sometimes every day even though I know their schedule is twice a month or twice a week. And after a year and a half of this, it started to feel like it was all the same.

I was completely submerged in the personal finance/FIRE world and everyone was talking about the same things over and over again:

  • Investing strategies
  • Plans for retirement
  • Budgeting
  • Groceries
  • Cutting various bills
  • Tactics, tactics, tactics

And mostly it’s the same basics multiple times. This isn’t a problem – having a variety of perspectives on even the basics can be quite helpful. Sometimes one person says one thing that just, you know, sticks. But it can start to feel a little like wading through a swamp trying to get to those few things that stick or that one post that addresses something new and different. k

Plus it’s overwhelming. I’m in my early 20s with no college degree working a job that while above minimum wage is definitely below the national median income.  I know that I’m just beginning and that really what I need to do now is buckle down and keep on keeping on, but it can be discouraging to see all these people who are so far ahead of me.

I feel like I’m left here with nothing to say. Everyone has discussed the basics before, who says my perspective will be any different? What’s special about me and my situation, my finances that would make people want to read my blog? I started writing here because there are no blogs of degree-less 20-somethings who want to FIRE. There’s so few blogs of people starting from the beginning who are like me. I want to show I can do it; I want to make those baby steps with other people like me.

I took a break these last 3 or 4 months because I needed to step back, do something else, and begin to re-appreciate why I’m here.

Have you ever needed a break or a step back from the community? Why do you read personal finance/FIRE blogs? Bloggers, how do you deal with feeling like everything has been said before?

5 thoughts on “The Disappearance // Why I Took a Quick Break

  1. I totally understand this feeling. My blog is highly personal; so if I don’t have money thoughts or issues bubbling around, then I don’t write. (My currrent status!) I tend to have ebbs and flows os inspiration – will write months worth at a time and line them up, then run dry for awhile.


  2. I’ve had similar feelings. But you’ve got to find your unique story or slant. Mr. Groovy is really good at looking at things differently. I get less inspired. But I jot down ideas when they come to me out of the blue. That’s usually how it happens.


    • I’m working on it! This time away has let me reevaluate some and, like I mentioned, come back to the fact that I’m writing to fill that void and reach other people in their very early 20s who maybe don’t have a college degree or have a job that pays less than $30k a year.


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