Net Worth Tracking // Half of 2017

Most financial bloggers who share their net worth can thank J$ for the inspiration. It’s a phenomenal way to keep track while being held accountable, not to mention a great reminder to check your stuff and see how far you’ve come. Or not, in which case it’s a nice motivator! This post is going to be a bit of a long one as I go into my processes and strategies and cover half a year of tracking (oops).

Thanks to my parents I keep everything in Quicken and I have since late middle school/early high school (still less than a decade of data, FYI). However, I’ve experimented with Personal Capital and I’ve found that their system is equally good at tracking net worth and spending. That in mind, let’s get started!

January 2017

  • Income: ???

I seriously considered sharing my income with you all, but after sitting on the idea for awhile, I don’t think I’m comfortable with that. However, for context, I will say that I bring in less than $2,000 a month. Also I’ll let you know about major fluctuations in my income that would affect how my net worth grows. Like this:

In January I wasn’t working full time. In fact, I was 6 hours away from home on vacation with my mom until the third week, and therefore brought in a little less than half my usual paycheck.

  • Checking: $800

Alright! Breaking things down! I keep a baseline of $500 in my checking account just in case. Since I have credit cards and (as you’ll see below) a healthy emergency fund, I maybe don’t need to keep that much as a safety net in my checking but, well, I like the safety.

  • Cash Savings: $8,621

This here is my emergency fund, plus some. About $6,000 of that is for emergencies and the rest is for an upcoming trip (April!)

  • Roth IRA: $2,151

My dad helped me set up this account as soon as I started working (3 ish years ago) and even gifted me the required $500 for investing in the particular fund. Soon after that, I left the country to work abroad and didn’t contribute that year. Last year, I didn’t contribute much either – mostly just the $50 a month automatic investment I set up. This year I’m buckling down. I’m going to max this baby out for the first time ever!

  • Car Value: $5,100

It’s a 2010 VW. Real cute except that nice scratch I put on the front bumper trying to get away from a really bad date.

  • Car Loan: ($6,888)

My car is a hand-me-down from my parents. They transferred the title to me in October and I’m paying off a no interest, 5 year loan. Pretty sweet deal even if the loan is worth more than my car. (My parents, very fairly, based the loan amount on what the car would have been worth in October without the scratch I put on it.)

  • Credit Card: ($9)

I had just the one Discover card at that point and didn’t really use it much since most of my bills are check or bank transfer only.

  • Net Worth: $9,775



  • Income: ???

Woo! This month was more what $14 an hour should look like.

  • Checking: $1,679

I had juuuuuuust gotten paid.

  • Cash Savings: $8483 (-$138)

I paid off some travel expenses for April.

  • Roth IRA: $2,559 (+$408)

Woo! Made a contribution beyond the automated $50! I like the sense of control and satisfaction that comes from manually moving money into my IRA so I set a reminder for every other Thursday (the day before payday) to transfer anything over $500 from my checking account to here.

  • Car Value: $5,156 (+$56)

Who knows why this is going up. It defies logic.

  • Car Loan: ($6765) (-$123)
  • Credit Card: ($27)

In light of my upcoming international trip in April, I got another credit card.

  • Net Worth: $11,085 (+$1,310)


  • Checking: $3,002
  • Cash Savings: $6,870 (-$1,613)

I transferred in money from my savings account to pay for upcoming travel expenses. Some of the checks hadn’t been cashed by the end of the month, so I had extra money floating in my bank account for a while.

  • Roth IRA: $3,297 (+$738)
  • Car Value: $4,751

Checking my car’s value every month was starting to drive me a little nuts so I’ll check every quarter (or maybe every 6 months…)

  • Car Loan: ($6,633) (-$123)
  • Credit Cards: ($130)
  • Net Worth: $11,157 (-$72)


  • Income: ???

I finally went on that big trip! And so my paycheck took a hit as I don’t have paid vacation. It wasn’t too bad, because I was able to make up some hours on weekends here and there.

  • Checking: $2,827

Still some excess trip money in here. Next month that gets shuffled back into savings, my Roth, and another plane ticket.

  • Cash Savings: $6,000 (-$870)

I had transferred more into my checking just in case I needed it. (I didn’t.)

  • Roth IRA: $3,427 (+$130)
  • Car Value: $4,751
  • Car Loan: ($6,510) (-$123)
  • Credit Card: $0
  • Net Worth: $10,495 (-$662)


  • Income: ???

My paycheck was still just a little bit short, thanks to last month’s trip.

  • Checking: $627
  • Cash Savings: $6,100 (+$100)
  • Roth IRA: $5,065 (+$1,638)


  • Car Value: $4,751
  • Car Loan: ($6,387) (-$123)
  • Credit Card: ($36)
  • Net Worth: $10,120 (-$375)


  • Income: ???

Whoop it’s a three paycheck month!

  • Checking: $1,326
  • Cash Savings: $6,400 (+$300)

In light of possible future plans, I want to up my cash savings before January. I’ll still be on track to max out my Roth though.

  • Roth IRA: $5,534 (+$469)
  • Car Value: $4,540 (-$211)
  • Car Loan: ($6,264) (-$123)
  • Credit Card: ($221)
  • Net Worth: $11,315 (+$1,195)

Whew! All done with that. The next one won’t be nearly as long, I promise. I’ll be posting monthly instead of… semi-annually… I meant to do this last quarter but I got a little busy/distracted.

Here’s to ever-increasing net worth!

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