My Journey

Welcome to my journey! It’s a pretty new one in terms of recent decisions, but if we’re looking at this from a grander perspective, my whole life has been a journey. This is just documenting the next steps. I want to see how far I’ve come and where I’ve been, and I’d love to share that with people who might just be in the same boat.

So Who the Heck Am I?

I am a (currently) single early 20s gal, who made the big and slightly terrifying decision to drop out of school to work full time. Some day I think I’ll give higher education another whirl, but until then I’m working my way up the work ladder until I hit that glass education ceiling. I’m also working on being happy. It’s been a life-long struggle but I’m making my way there, slowly but surely.

Some Random Facts About Me:

  • For my 18th birthday I got a Roth IRA bridge.jpgand a trip to Berlin from my parents
  • I adore hiking and skiing, but am not so much a camper
  • All photos on this blog are taken by me unless otherwise noted
  • I work in the finance industry and have followed personal finance blogs for over a year now
  • I’ve always been somewhat frugally minded, but things have escalated some since I found the world of FIRE (that’s Financial Independence, Early Retirement for y’all)
  • I believe that money talks in that what you spend your money on says quite a bit about yourself and your priorities

This Blog

As I mentioned above, I’m using this blog to keep track of my journey toward purpose and happiness. Naturally, that means I’m covering quite a few topics here. However, in case you couldn’t tell by my list of random facts (and the blogs I follow), I have a bit of a passion for personal finance. Much of what I write will lean towards that but I know I have a lot to say about other things too. Besides, money is intimately involved in much of our lives; it’s hard to avoid talking about!