Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

There are so many things you can do with your money and everything is marketed so well and well, of course, you just have to have it for reasons x, y, and z! How do you decide? Do you decide? Eh, just throw it all on a credit card, you’ll pay it off eventually right? And besides, that’s what everyone else does. You know… everyone else like those 53% of Americans who have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. That’s definitely not enough. Unless you can survive on less than $400 a year. (1/3 of Americans have absolutely no retirement savings at all. Maybe they bought a new Tesla instead. Throw it on the credit card!)*

So what do you do?

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Should I Still Be Living at Home? // And Why I’m Not

We all know there are plenty of reasons to live at home throughout college if you have a solid relationship with your family. This is especially true if they are offering free rent like mine did. (Their caveat was that I remain in school full time. Oops.) Not only does living at home save you buckets of money – see below – but it gives you a chance to hang out with your family just a little more often. Once you move out, it can be difficult to see family frequently even if you’re just a city over. I do my best to eat dinner with my parents once a week, but that doesn’t always work out between weekend events on both ends. Luckily (or unluckily), I work in the same office as my father which makes it easier for them to make sure I’m still alive.

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The Disappearance // Why I Took a Quick Break

I’ve been following several personal finance and FIRE blogs for nearly two years now. Constantly, consistently. I read every blog post and skimmed through all the comments. I probably had about a dozen blogs I regularly checked in on – sometimes every day even though I know their schedule is twice a month or twice a week. And after a year and a half of this, it started to feel like it was all the same.

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Disclaimer: I Lead an Enormously Privileged Life

There’s something I need to clear the air about here before I get down to some nitty-gritty bits about my personal life, my work life, and my financial life. See, I have a confession to make. I grew up enormously privileged and that privilege has spilled over into my adult life. This despite the fact that my parents believe I’ve made a no-good, horrible, very bad decision by dropping out of college.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up

Even If You Still Love Him

This whole blog is about finding happiness – not just in work and school, but in all areas of life. Unfortunately sometimes that means sacrificing things in order to be the best for your future self. Our relationship was rocky for 3 months and I could hardly see how bad it had gotten. The stress of trying to make things work out weighed on me and skewed my perception of time – always the main sign that I’m in way over my head. When texting a close friend for advice, I asked “remember that fight Nick and I had last week?” His response was, “which one?” I hadn’t realized that in a single week, Nick and I had fought nearly every day.

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The Quickest Way to a New Job

I found a second job within two weeks of dropping most of my college classes. It’s a solid part-time job; a three month contract with possibility of extension if this works out for everyone.  Most people I know who are looking for jobs are still looking for jobs – and it’s been months for them. There’s various reasons for this. Their circumstances were different and I had something that gave me a bit of a head start. But what exactly made me different?

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Now What? // Next Steps of a College Dropout (Sorta)

It’s been a rough week and change settling into the new groove of things. Here’s a little updated on what’s happening:

  • I’m dropping all but one of my classes. Trig, accounting, and macroeconomics are all going bye-bye!
  • It turns out I can’t up my hours at my current job so….
  • I’m back in the job market! I’m trying to figure out what exactly I want to do so I’m looking at little bit of everything: hospitality management (aka hotels), legal secretary, general administrative work.
  • This is partly because I need something to fill up my time – and maybe improve my QoL (that’s Quality of Life for ya) – and partly because I have some new bills to pay.
  • I’m buying my car off of my parents finally. She’ll be all mine at last! Expensive oil changes and all. And the insurance payments. Oh boy. Also I may be taking on my own phone bills.

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Step One // Knowing When to Quit

After high school ended, I did the one thing every teenager wants to do. I ran away from my problems -in this case, the fear of starting college. I packed up my bags and fled the country to become an over-worked and under-paid au pair in Germany. Basically, I was a live-in nanny for two sweet but bratty children under the age of 10. Once my year-long contract was up, I headed back to the good old sunshine-y beaches of southern California, ready to face college at last!

Or so I thought.

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